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Benefits of Pantone Printing

Benefits of Pantone Printing

Colour can be very subjective, which is why the option of Pantone Matching System® works so well for brand consistency. Also known as spot colour printing, this takes all the guesswork out of color identification and provides single site or multiple site companies with a consistency colour throughout their stationery. Think of them as paint swatches you would find at B&Q or a similar DIY shop. There's hundreds of swatches to choose from, and they all look different. It's the same with Pantone colours. Choosing a spot colour ensures your product is printed in the exact same colour as was invisioned. Thisis important because every computer monitor is different, every printer is different, so colours can look and print differently depending on these factors. By standardising the colors, customers, employees and anyone who uses the files in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colours match. 

Having identical colours throughout your brand ensures brand consistency, enabling you to create a specific look for your company. This also shows professionalism and attention to detail.

Additionally, sometimes spot colours have to be used. Sometimes colours are too deep, or bright that a CMYK just wont bring it to justice. An example of this would be a bright neon pink or navy blue. The colour will come out much better as a spot colour.

Using spot colours are also great if there's a large area of solid colour in your graphic or product. Pantone colours will ensure that those large areas of colour are smooth and printed to a high standard. 

So, to summarise, here's a rundown of the main reasons to choose pantone:

  1. Colour reproduction will be identical regardless of who prints it. Standardisation ensures professionalism.
  2. Beneficial for creating a brand look - It ensures consistency.
  3. Sometimes colours are only available as spot colours. Think Navy Blue for example.
  4. When printing large areas of colour, Pantone ensures the colour is smooth.

Most brands will have brand guidelines which will the majority of the time refer to the Pantones within the brand and logo. All we need is the Pantone reference provided by your design agency and we can print the exact colour. We have spot colour printing available on most of our products. Head over to our products page to find out more.