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The Power of Print

In an ever growing digital age, it’s not hard to wonder why we still need print? At first glance it can seem like a waste, or an additional cost that’s not needed, but that’s not true at all. Here are just a few reasons why print is as important as always.
1.     Viewed as more credible
It may come as a shock, but many studies over the years have shown that consumers view printed advertisements as more trustworthy than digital. (source) With a printed advert, people can choose how much to read, and when, whereas a lot of digital advertisements pop-up when the viewer isn’t expecting them, so may be less likely to read them.
2.     Staying power
Sometimes called the ‘pass-along effect’, having a print-out allows more people to view it. Consumers are able to have this advertisement on display, whether they mean to or not, which in turn means that anyone who comes into their house or establishment can see them and they might pick them up, and even possibly pass them onto someone else.
3.     Reach multiple generations
Whilst a lot of the older generation are extremely tech-savvy, there are still a large number of those who don’t own a mobile phone, never mind internet. This is where print comes in. Printed advertisements can reach a much wider audience than digital marketing , as most people have letterboxes for them to go through.

4.     Best for local targeting
Whilst digital advertising can reach a global audience, it’s not as great at reaching a specific local audience. Printed advertisements can be sent round a specific area, meaning local targeting is a lot easier. This is especially great for local businesses.

5.     Physical touch is important
For many people (including us) actually feeling something is important. Think about how many times you’ve deleted an email advertising something before you’ve even opened it. Whereas when you get something through the post, it’s much more likely to be read, as it can be touched and interacted with, something with is still very important to many people.