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What is a Company Letterhead?

What is a Company Letterhead?

As an integral part of communication, your company letterhead should be well-thought-out - after all, they’re one of the most important pieces of collateral for your business! Not only is it just a means of correspondence, but it’s also a reflection of your company and says a lot about your brand image and how your business operates, giving off a great impression.

Typically, A4 in size, a letterhead will have your company logo, the name, address & contact details of your business and your registered company number. This is normally accompanied by a stylized header and/or footer in your company’s colours and imagery.

Business letterheads are typically used for:

  • Correspondence to new and existing clients
  • Giving notice of employment
  • Internal communications to staff
  • Notices to the public
  • Business proposals

Although predominate in business, it’s become more common in recent years - particularly within the creative industry - for people to send job applications with a cover letter on professionally printed letterheads. What better way to show off your creative skills and gain the attention of a prospective employer than with a personal letterhead!

Company letterheads

Why should you have a Letterhead?

How your company letterhead looks is a reflection of you and what you do. Even in the digital age, physical correspondence is still very much ‘a thing’, presenting your company in a professional light and setting the tone for how you’ll interact with other people and businesses. Although emails are becoming the norm for many, physical letterheads feel much more personal, forging stronger relationships for years to come.

As well as creating a great first impression, letterheads can also unify your brand when the design is consistent with your other printed materials, such as business cards, compliment slips and even envelopes.

Many companies have a set of brand guidelines and a team of in-house designers to help them create perfectly complemented stationery, increasing their brand image. However, if you don’t have a creative background, why not let one of our designers at Bold Colours do the hard work for you? Even if you only have a rough sketch, one of our designers will work with you to create the perfect company letterhead for your business.

No matter what design you choose, you can rest assured they’ll make a huge impact!