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Benefits of Outsourcing Print

Benefits of Outsourcing Print

 “Oh, we’ll just print it off in the office”
“It’s not that important, we’ll just photocopy it”
We get it, it’s so tempting just to use your office or home printer to print out your leaflets, booklets or whatever it is you need printing. It’s easy, it’s cheaper and the results are instant.  
And that is fine if you’re just one person printing off missing cat posters, but if you’re a brand, it doesn’t send a great message.
By doing this, you’re really compromising the quality and integrity of your brand. The colours won’t print as well, the paper won’t be good quality, there will be no finishing or personalisation, and it makes your product look.. well… bland.
Here’s a few reasons why outsourcing print will benefit your company:
1.    Quality
The print finish on products will be much higher when printed at a specialist. The colour, paper, finishing will all be extremely high quality. This helps your brand or company to come across as professional, reliable and cohesive, which is always a good thing to ensure you stand out.

2.    Additional personalisation (eg get file print ready)
If you are printing off in the office or at home, there’s no way to personalise your print. If it’s sent to a specialist however, those companies will have artworkers in house who will be able to get the file print ready, ensuring that it prints perfectly.

3.    One step ahead of your competitors
Say you’re a small business trying to break into an oversaturated market. A lot of your competitors will just be printing on office computers, believing it’s cost effective. For you to invest a little bit of extra money and go to a printers, you’ll be putting your company one step ahead of the others in your industry. As mentioned in point 1, your products will come across as much more reliable, trustworthy and professional because of the higher quality print.

4.    Leave it to the experts
We know what we are doing. This minimises the risk of printing out something wrongly and then having to reprint the whole thing (which will really increase the cost), whereas if you go to a specialist, they can take care of all that for you.
5.    Helping the environment
Look for companies that help out the environment with their printing. For example, we are part of the Carbon Capture programme. Through this programme, for every tonne of paper that is bought, trees are planted, thus helping the environment.
Outsourcing your print enables you to do the best for the environment.
So with that being said, we offer a range of products available for all your printing needs.  Help support small business and outsource your print!