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What is NCR Printing?

What is NCR Printing?

Every business runs on paper trails and having copies of every single document in different places is essential. Sometimes along with an original that the customer receives, the business may require additional copies that are exactly the same. This is where NCR comes in.

Despite whether you’ve heard of NCR products before or not it’s more than likely you have come across the phrase “Carbon copy;” when a person or object is very similar to another. This saying derives from carbon paper which was heavily popular in the 1900’s to make sure every business had exact copies of important. documents. Carbon paper was wedged in between writing paper sheets and create a duplicate of whatever was written by hand but it proved very fiddly, messy and expensive.

That’s where NCR printing comes in:

It stands for “No Carbon Required” This is a special type of paper which has been treated with a coating which reacts to the pressure of a pen. Each page is then glued together to ensure that the original information is automatically copied on the pages beneath. This means there’s less mess (no black carbon everywhere) and they are much more cost effective. 

The Different types of NCR Product

NCR Paper is available in various colours; white, yellow, pink, green and blue and these are glued into sets which are the simplest and cheapest version. They are usually 2-5 layers of papers glued together and are ideal if you are wanting separate forms (ie. office situations when they are needing to be over-printed using an office printer.) 

NCR pads are many sets glued together at the top with a cardboard backing to create a pad (usually 50 or more.) This is used when you need multiple copies of what is being written/documented. It will come with a built in writing shield which you can use to separate each set before you tear out the form you want. This is an easier and tidier way to store NCR sets and is ideal for delivery. 

NCR books are very similar to pads but these fasten one part of each set to the book and are much more of a sturdier option with both a cover and backing and bound together by stitching. This is better for tracking and keeping copies all in the same place and to stop files going missing etc.

What would I use NCR Printing for?

Different businesses use them for different purposes, but some uses are as follows:

  • Accident Report Books
  • Waste Taste Notes
  • Invoice Printing
  • Delivery Notes
  • Vehicle Hire Forms
  • Permit to Work Forms
  • Duty of Care Forms
  • Illness & Incident Forms
  • Invoice Books
  • Receipts 

Bold Colours

We specialise in Pantone printing and supplying NCR products to various businesses in different industries.  We supply business stationery, printed NCR, booklets, leaflets, compliment slips and business cards – you name it we probably do it. And if we haven’t we will see if we can help you out.