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NCR Pads.

Why NCR Pads are great for your company

Have you ever spent time copying out information from one sheet of paper to the other, wishing you were able to just click your fingers and have a copy? You might need an NCR Pad.

NCR Pads are so important and essential if you are in an industry that uses forms, contacts, invoices or receipts. There are so many reasons why they are great for your company. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Carbon Copies

Possibly the biggest advantage to using NCR Pads is that exact duplicates can be made. This is especially useful for accident forms, where the parent and the school both need copies of what happened. This is also an advantage when creating duplicate receipts or duplicate invoices as it allows both the buyer and seller to have exact copies, which helps minimise disputes and ensures both parties have a record of the purchase.

2. Saves Time

Instead of copying out all the information twice, or possibly more, which is extremely time-consuming, using NCR Pads mean the information is only needed to be written out once, as it copies onto the other page(s). Depending on how many copies are required, this can save a huge amount of time.

3. Multiple People can get copies

Similar to number 1, using an NCR Pad means that everyone involved can receive a copy of the information. This keeps everyone right, and they can also be used to keep a record of things and avoid discrepancies. 

4. Cleaner

NCR Pads are much cleaner than carbon paper, which ensures you get a smudge-free application, so it looks tidier and more professional on every single copy.

5. Easy to Use

If it isn’t obvious by now, using NCR Pads is incredibly easy, which means less stress for you and your employees. All you need to do is write the information on the top sheet, and the words will transfer down to the subsequent sheets. It really is that easy.

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