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What are Compliments Slips.

What are Compliments Slips and what benefit they can add to your business?

Compliment Slips are printed cards size DL or 1/3 of A4, with a greeting "With Compliments" on the front and in most cases space for a handwritten note.

Compliments Slips are a professional way, used by businesses of any size, on a daily basis, to express acknowledgement and to communicate with valued clients, customers and business partners.

They can be placed inside a delivery package or inside envelopes. 

Less popular than the rest of the corporate stationery products, such as letterheads, envelopes and business cards, a compliment slip can add a more professional look to your business communication.

Three Different ways to use a Compliment Slip.

We like to share some of the benefits of having Compliments Slips as part of your corporate business stationery and suggest some way you can use them. 

The following list shows some different ways in which your business can use Compliments Slips.

  1. Improving Brand Awareness and Recognition: A colour branded compliment slip with the company logo and contact details will reinforce the message of your brand, make also easier for the customer to contact you.
  2. Add a human touch and appreciation: The handwritten note on a compliment slip will help your communication to be more personal and direct, the receiver will feel more valued. At the same time, the note can humanise corporate messages such as contracts, reports or invoices.
  3. A secret weapon in your marketing campaign: Compliments slips can be printed with special rewards for your customer, such as discounts or coupon codes or QRcode for links and Smartphone Apps, adding an additional channel to your marketing campaigns.
Compliments Slips by Bold Colours

Must have of a Compliment Slips

Company Brand: Design your compliment slip following your brand guidelines. By using your colours and other elements that make your brand recognizable. Your compliment slip should reinforce your brand and your company message. 

Quality Paper Stock: With a quality paper stock your compliments slip will stand up from the rest, giving a more tactile feeling of quality that will be reflected in your brand. A quality stock will result in a more durable Compliment Slip.   

Clear Design: Use a readable typeface with a clear and minimalist overall design, avoid inserting too many elements that will distract from the primary message.

Concise Message: Whatever is the primary use of your compliment slip remember to be concise in your message, by keeping your wording to a minimum, relevant and meaningful.

Compliments Slips Printing Service by Bold Colours

At Bold Colours, we are proud of the high-quality Compliments Slips Printing Service we offer to our clients and we use Compliments Slips ourselves to thank them for their business with us.

We supply compliments slips printed in a range of quality stock paperweight, standard DL or 1/3 A4 size and various paper types such as Standard, Super Smooth and Recycled.

If you require help to design your compliment slip we provide artwork services. Feel free to hit the Compliments Slips order page.